Consultation Services

SKG Sangha provides a wide array of consultation services to our clients based on their desired outcomes with a single-minded focus on tangible results. Our approach is systemic, collaborative, and action-oriented. We currently provide consultation services for the following projects.

  • 1. Bio-Methanation: For the production of Biogas by making use of biodegradable organic materials. Our consultation ranges from small-scale i.e., household level to very large scale i.e., industrial, community and institutional.

  • 2. Applications: Biogas used for thermal applications like cooking, heating and lighting. Electricity generation through biogas.

  • 3. Municipal solid waste management - developing state-of-the-art facilities while providing training, guidance for proper disposal of SW.

  • 4. Water management – Conserving water by undertaking measures like rainwater harvesting, water shed etc. To maintain better soil health and higher yields by practicing proven scientific irrigation methods in farming.

  • 5. Sustainable agriculture

  • 6. Village industries

  • 7. Consultation on composting techniques like aerobic composting and vermicomposting to produce organic fertilizer and organic pesticides.

  • 8. Forestry – Development of new forests – reforestation – social forestry

  • 9. Employment generation in rural areas– Training in skill development – identifying new employment opportunities – identifying locally relevant business ideas


We keep a track of all the activities we have taken up so far and organize studies on the same. We also aim to undertake various studies on several other activities like environmental effects, pollution menace, and socio - economic problems faced by rural masses in India amongst a plethora of other similarly relevant studies.


We have a young and vibrant team consisting of highly skilled professionals possessing incredible expertise in their respective fields. Additionally, our team of dedicated and committed professionals are extremely self-motivated as well. By strategically leveraging people, processes, and technology coupled with our deep and functional expertise within this domain, we take an agile and collaborative approach while monitoring activities done by others.


Since its inception, SKG Sangha has undertaken several research and development initiatives and has aimed at providing bespoke and innovative solutions to address and solve various socio-developmental issues. For instance, we have taken up several measures such as vermicomposting with biogas slurry, conversion of rainwater into drinking water and converting poultry litter as feed for fish. We also intend on taking up any research work related to the field of organic farming, organic manuring, use of non-conventional energy sources, water and solid waste management and rural industrialization initiatives as well.